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Comprehensive analysis of your mental health status

An initial psychiatric evaluation is the first step in providing any mental health service.

Why is it important?

It is during psychiatric evaluations that what a client seeks treatment for can be thoroughly assessed. Mental health practitioners meticulously go through every possible cause of the mental health concern to understand it. This way, we can release an accurate diagnosis of the condition, help in creating an appropriate treatment plan, and prescribing the right medications if there is a need.

Our initial psychiatric evaluation is a 60-minute comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with a history and physical examination, a prescription for psychotropic medication if indicated, and a complimentary 30-minute follow-up within a month of the evaluation. We offer our psychiatric evaluation services for $250-$300 per hour.

A HIPAA-compliant and highly secure video conferencing software is used by our patients and our psychiatric nurse practitioner in conducting psychiatric evaluations and medication management without the need for an in-office visit.

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