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Signs of ADHD in Kids


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder with varying symptoms that may hardly be recognizable in kids. However, as early as seven years old, kids can already be diagnosed. For now, watch out for these symptoms in your kids as listed by psychiatric nursing in Sacramento, California:

  • Self-focused behavior
    Look out for when your kid is unable to recognize other people’s desires and needs. This self-focused behavior usually leads to their constant interrupting of others and trouble waiting for their turn.
  • Emotional turmoil
    Children with ADHD usually have trouble keeping track of their emotions, so they may have outbursts of anger at improper times, fidget a lot, etc., needing more than just medication management in Sacramento.
  • Unfinished tasks
    Kids with ADHD may show interest in various fields, start on them, yet may find it difficult to finish. Most likely, they move to the next thing they’re interested in before finishing.
  • Lack of focus
    They find it troubling to pay attention to people or tasks that require more mental effort or even avoid those tasks.
  • Careless mistakes
    Given their lack of focus, they may have trouble following instructions or plans and thus, make careless mistakes.
  • Organizing troubles
    Less able to keep track of their activities and tasks may lead to their school-related troubles.

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