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Why Medication Management Matters in Psychotherapy

why-medication-management-matters-in-psychotherapyAdherence to your prescribed and scheduled therapy is crucial in order to develop your rehabilitation with the help of mental health professionals. Combining medication management and psychotherapy allows you to achieve greater results while also minimizing your overall healthcare costs.

We will aid you in acquiring an appropriate diagnosis and treatment with the aid of our mental health care in Sacramento, California. Allow our counselors and therapists to help you overcome this obstacle by providing professional and targeted support.

So, what are the added benefits of incorporating medication management and psychotherapy into your psychiatric health care plan?

The cost-benefit analysis takes into account not only the additional expenses of providing another therapy but also the efficacy of those therapies in lowering healthcare utilization and future treatment. Individuals who totally recover are less likely than those who do not considerably improve or achieve just partial remission to require mental health resources in the future, according to experts.

“Patients with more severe depression, endogenous depression, chronic depression, and disturbed cognitions all exhibit more robust and clinically significant responses to combination treatment,” according to a Psychiatric Times report.

Combining treatments yields not only faster and larger short-term gains but also greater long-term gains. Individuals who received combined treatment with CBT, for example, had a lower relapse rate than patients who received simple medications.

Better Days Psychiatric Nursing, Inc. will evaluate you to identify maladaptive habits and mental health difficulties, such as anxiety in California. Following your diagnosis, we will create a therapy and intervention approach for your mental health.

Whether you are living with ADHD or any other condition, we will make it a point to cater to your needs accordingly.

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