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Anxiety and Depression Caused by Modern Technology

anxiety-and-depression-caused-by-modern-technologyThe prevalence of Psychiatry concerns, like suicide incidences and attempts, is dramatically increasing nowadays. It happens to people from teenage to seniors, and it is very concerning that many are wasting their lives.

Others may find the reasons petty, but the triggers of Depression and Anxiety in Sacramento in the modern-day do exist. And if we don’t do something, more people will suffer and eventually result in self-harm or untimely death.

  • The effects of social media

    Thanks to online messaging apps and digital platforms, people can now talk to each other via virtual chatting, posting, and commenting on each other’s ‘wall.’

    But despite its benefits, social media can also cause harm. Fake news spreads fear and hatred among app users. Strangers attack each other because of misunderstandings, judgments, and misinformation. Also, people tend to compare their lives to what they see online and try to keep up with the trend.

  • Materialism

    Because of human greed, many scams are sprouting online. Fraudsters of get-rich-quick schemes, hacking, and even love scams lurk on many websites – waiting for the perfect prey to click the bait. And victims may result in depression that may need interventions such as counseling and Psychiatric Nursing in Sacramento, California.

  • Online Games

    Trash talking is very rampant in multiplayer games – even among teammates. They curse a lot and scream in rage. Losing a game brings about behavioral changes. And this is alarming because it usually involves kids and teens.

Better Days Psychiatric Nursing, Inc. would like to emphasize the essence of close family ties. It may help assess if a family member needs medical attention and Medication Management in Sacramento and all other areas.

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