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The Importance of a Psychiatric Assessment


We all feel different emotions every day. However, some of us experience emotions differently. This can affect our daily lives. Therefore, it is essential to talk to someone and name what you are feeling.

Psychiatric assessments through professional diagnoses services help determine if there are problems with memory, thinking processes, or behavior. A certified therapist can work with you to determine the treatments you need to receive.

With the help of a professional who tackles with anxiety in California, you can find a healthy way to deal with your situation.

Better Days Psychiatric Nursing, Inc. is a provider of mental health care in Sacramento, California, that assesses your mental health status and guides you towards a final recovery. During this process, we ensure that you hold your hand throughout the ride. Mental health issues are difficult to deal with, and we fully understand them.

Psychiatric assessments vary from person to person. Psychiatric examinations usually last 30 to 90 minutes.

As a mental health provider, we aim to:

  • Engage patients in treatment planning
  • Eliminate other physical conditions that may be causing symptoms
  • Identify long-standing problems that may occur in the future
  • Confirm the diagnosis of a mental disorder that requires treatment by a psychiatrist.

We recognize our clients as individuals with different needs. Understanding this, our mental health services are tailored to meet their mental health needs. We help in a broad scope of mental health concerns.

If you or your loved one needs psychiatric help, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. We also treat mental and behavioral challenges, such as ADHD, eating disorders, anxiety, and more.

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