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Reasons Individuals with Depression Don’t Seek Treatment

reasons-individuals-with-depression-dont-seek-treatmentIn recent years, mental health awareness has been growing. This may be largely due to the presence of various campaigns and media representation about mental health conditions and treatment.

With this enlightenment and psychiatry being more available, why do some people still refuse to seek help?

One of the most common reasons is the stigma that is associated with having a mental illness. Many are still afraid that they’ll be stigmatized and discriminated against if they seek help. Another common reason why people don’t avail of psychiatric nursing in Sacramento, California is denial. Some people are unable to see that they are suffering from anxiety and depression, and therefore don’t feel that it’s necessary to seek any professional help.

Trust can be another reason. The thought of telling a stranger about one’s feelings and private life can be daunting but it is important to know that mental health professionals at Better Days Psychiatric Nursing, Inc. are there to help you and are not there to judge you. We help those suffering from various mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety in Sacramento.

Additionally, someone who has not been treated for a mental health issue may it be ADHD in Sacramento or any type of mental issues might have a pretty strange idea about how it’s done. In reality, therapy is nothing to be scared of. One doesn’t have to discuss anything they’re not comfortable with and their therapist can adjust to their preferences.

If you need help, you could always ask us for help. With us, you don’t need to be afraid because you’re in good hands. We also offer medication management in Sacramento. Contact us now!

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