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Understanding Bipolar Disorder a Little More

understanding-bipolar-disorder-a-little-moreAside from addressing ADHD in Sacramento, psychiatric nursing services also deal with other disorders. One of these is bipolar disorder. This condition is mainly characterized by drastically shifting moods. Each of these moods is found in the extreme poles of emotion, hence the term “bipolar.”

According to experts in psychiatric nursing in Sacramento, California, people with bipolar disorder suffer from manic and depressive episodes. During manic episodes, patients tend to exhibit feelings of elation, happiness, euphoria, and a “high feeling.” They may be very talkative and highly engaging. At the same time, they may also be very sensitive – the slightest touch or sound could make them angry or irritable.

On depressive episodes, however, they are the complete opposite. They experience symptoms that fall in the spectrum of depression and anxiety in Sacramento. They have low levels of energy. They find it hard to fall asleep and could complain of difficulty in concentrating. They show little interest in the things around them, even in hobbies that they used to delight in. Some may even entertain thoughts of suicide.

Patients find their condition problematic during the depressive stage, and that’s when they seek help. It’s important to seek a correct diagnosis, so the patient can receive the appropriate treatment. For healthcare providers, a complete history of symptoms is crucial for accurate identification before therapy.

Bipolar disorders can be treated through therapies, like psychotherapy. Some medication may be prescribed together with tips for medication management in Sacramento.

Here at Better Days Psychiatric Nursing, Inc., we make sure that our patients receive the appropriate and most compassionate treatment for their illnesses. Our services are always customized to respond to our individual patients’ needs.

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